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Well, it was warm here yesterday and I had a day off work so I decided to take the air-layered branches off of one of my maples. This particular one has always been in my possession, I have grown it from a collected seedling. The trunk is finally the size that I want. If you look closely you can barely see some of the rock that it is planted on. Sorry this is not a beautiful rock, but all that I could afford as a student. The plastic is the wrap for the air-layered roots. These are the before shots.

Here are the after shots with the big branches removed. This tree is a little over 15 years in the making...where did all the time go? Will probably leave the big branch on top to help speed up the healing of the big scar sights.

This tree's strength is certainly in the powerful trunk you've managed to grow.  I don't think the roots, or the fact that it's sitting on a rock are much in the way of assets. 

After you've healed the scars from the chops (and then chop again), I think this could be a killer tree if you layer it off above that rock.  (Probably not what you wanted to hear.)

Keep us posted.

I think this can be a nice tree with some rootwork only.  The rock will not be a design element in the end but it definitely resulted in a nice trunk.


joe cervantes:
Love it!


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