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Repot and air layer?


Hi everyone. I have a bunch of Japanese Maples that are due for a repot in the next week or so, and several of these I have been eyeing some air layers on.
Does anyone have thoughts about performing both tasks at the same time? All plants for this consideration are vigorous and will be shuffled inside when temps are close to freezing. Thanks in advance.


John Kirby:
Repot one year air layer the next; or airlayer this year and repot next.

If you are air layering just a branch or two, you can do both.

On the other hand, layering a trunk is always risky because the girdle cuts off the supply of photosyntate and auxin to the roots. Auxin stimulates root growth. Photosynthate is the food and raw material for root growth, though the roots can live for about one season on the carbohydrates from the previous season that is stored in living cells.  --> long winded version of what Mr. Kirby said.

Thanks for the timely response John. I appreciate it and will try to calm down over here.

Got another maple question. I've got one with a "kick stand" root an inch or so above the better, radial roots and I'm curious what impact that particular (and large) root has on trunk development? Does it follow like "sacrificial" limbs that improve trunk girth below it or does it have little or no impact and should just be removed as soon as safely possible?

Thanks again.


John Kirby:
They make very challenging scars. Eliminate and smooth with clean cuts.



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