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Powdery Mildew On Maples

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How do I get rid of powdery mildew on my maples?  I tried spraying them with Daconil fungicidal spray.  It didn't hardly do anything.  It started on one, and now is on several.


You can spray to get rid of it, but its spread indicates your growing conditions aren't great. Increased air circulation and more sunshine can greatly reduced this problem.

Here in Chicago, it's been a wet and humid spring.  I have the maples under a shade cloth right now (50%) (have some 30% on order) and we live near the lake so the air circulation is good for Chicago.  Not sure how I can change anything....

I can't make specific suggestions about your situation, as I don't have a picture of where the trees are being kept. I can only say that in my experience powdery mildew means low light, too moist and no air.

I'd remove the 50 percent shade cloth. Move the trees into more sun--let them get at least three or four hours of direct morning sun. Make sure the trees are not crowded together, or placed against a windbreak like a fence or a wall. Make sure when you water, the trees need it and that you're watering the soil, not the leaves. Get them up off the ground, or at least further up off the ground. Put them on benches so air can circulate around them...

Thanks Rockm for some specific suggestions.  I think the air movement will improve as the next door neighbor just moved some junk that was behind my bench.  And now that I think further upon it, the bench is still in-line with their back stairs in the back of the house....this is def. cutting down on air movement as well. 

I'll try to move my bench so nothings behind it, and follow your advice and remove the shade cloth in the morning.  The 30% cloth should be here soon which should be about right.

Thanks again for the help Rockm!


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