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I have this small japanese maple (about as thick as my thumb), it was given to me last summer so I didn't repot it at the time (it was July). I had wanted to do it this spring because it's in standard thick garden soil. It was brought out to me from the coast a week ago. The problem is that it started leafing out from the warm car (I think) and I am not sure if it is still ok to do now, or if I have to wait another season - which I don't mind doing, I just want to give it a better chance at the growing season this year (since it's so short for me!).

It's inside right now, only going outside when it's above freezing, then coming back inside when it dips below. Our house is about 18C (65F) so it's not overly warm inside.


I had the same question. I asked it on the forum not to long ago. Check it out...

I'm going to receive two other trees this week without a pot. I don't think it's considered bare rooted because the roots will be wrapped around with a bit of soil they were in before. Therefore, I will have to find a pot and soil to put them in. In that situation I will just slip it into a pot without disturbing the roots and add soil to fit the remainder of the pot -as suggested by others. 

Awesome, I think I read that but I obviously didn't retain any of the info from the thread (oops!).

I will repot it, I don't plan to do any major rootwork, just want it to be in better soil!

Utilizing a somewhat sharp water spray to release the soil from roots as opposed to picking and combing them out can be helpful to not disturb rootballs.  Esp. for garden soils. 

Perfect, thanks Judy! I did want to do a full bare-rooting, using water is a great idea.


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