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Japanese Maple forest in color

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ken duncan:
Here is a young forest of Japanese Maples with a little color this year.

joe cervantes:

Ken, nice forest.  (I had a conversation about it with my < 3 yr old daughter when I first viewed it.  FYI, she likes it.)

Can you tell us about it? 

ken duncan:
Hi Joe, Thank You.

Hey, Wayne, Thank You, and I am glad that your 3 year old likes it. My 3 year old Grandson Noah seems not to notice my trees so much. I hope this will change in time, I need someone to help with the work that goes on and on.
This forest was put together in the Spring of 2003 from some seedlings, the seeds were planted in 2000, it is 16" tall now.

Here is a pic after re-potting in 2008. The rough bark tree in the front was removed.   

Any Update on how this one did?



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