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Ideas? Japanese Maple


I got lucky and find three beautiful Japanese Maples at home depot for $15 each. I got two of them already planted in large planters as the wife won that argument....but the 3rd I can make it a bonsai or put it in a planter, don't know what I should do.

The one in the wood planter I'm still going to grow it like a bonsai, just a large bonsai. The other one will just grow unchecked.

Those look like coral bark maples (sangu kaku).  Nice find for that price.  It looks like at least the last two are grafted, so keep that in mind if developing them for bonsai.

Never work on maples, so I'm trying to be careful, been reading more about maples.

Peter Adams has a great book on maples. 

Another resource is Boon's video series on maples, which he just put out this year (one on repotting and one on styling I believe).  I haven't yet seen his maple DVDs, but his black pine series is absolutely fantastic.  I'm planning on ordering his maple DVDs in the very near future.

I brought with me to my move to Chicago a large, 5', red coral bark maple that we had in a lg. pot on our deck in Cali.  I've since put it in the grown and next year plan on doing a couple air layers for bonsai material.  Wanted to do it this spring as the tree really took off, but no time.  They are just stunningly beautiful trees imo.

I too btw, have bought Boons JPB and the JM videos.  And I concur, they are fantastic.  My one complaint is he doesn't exactly tell you when certain things should be done, but that info is easily available in books, blogs and forums like this Bonsai Study Group.  Oh, and Peter Adams book on maples is also excellent!

Good Luck on your trees!


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