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To quote Edwin Land "If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing to excess". Start a lot of cuttings, keep only the very best ones (give/sell/trade the others at club meetings), rinse, repeat ;)

Dave Murphy:

--- Quote from: Owen Reich on February 21, 2012, 01:21 AM ---The University of Georgia is an excellent school.  I was supposed to be a third generation Georgia Tech student...... (at least that was my parents' plan)  ;D. 

--- End quote ---
I'll be happy if my kids get into either school.  By the way Owen, I met your mother last week when she was at the Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw picking up some lime sulfur for you from Rodney Clemons.

Owen Reich:
Small world  ;D.  I heard the rumor about the "ban" and even though I checked to see if it was true (which it wasn't) still bought some.  I was in the middle of painting Acer palmatum trunks for our Kokufu-ten vendor area.

Owen Reich:
Meushi, that is a very good point.  When I go to auctions, there are often tray upon tray full of seedlings (especially broom-style zelkova) and grafted Pre-bonsai up for bid.  At first glance, there is nothing wrong with them.  One day, Mr. Fujikawa saw me looking and just said "gomi" (trash) and walked off.  Most would be perfectly fine in the short term.  But the kicker is, 40 years from now they will just be "ok" bonsai.  Some flaws like nasty a bend.... but great nebari.... are not worth the trouble.  I've heard 1 in 10 (also heard one in 100) broom styles starter trees passes muster when digging field grown trees.   

Owen, exactly! Spending time over 40 years fixing less than perfect starter material is "mendokusai"!

I tried explaining the concept on another forum but most people couldn't deal with the idea of chucking out hundreds of "OK-ish" seedlings. I'm trying to apply that to the field maples and black pine seedlings I'm starting... keep maybe the top 1% for bonsai and get rid of the rest (hedge material or swaps).


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