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Boy, kinda depressing to hear this.  I'm going to plant some seedlings this spring, but only bought like 3-5 seedlings ea.  Now I feel like I have to buy another 50 to have one that I like in 5 yrs. lol 

Adair M:

Start working on the nebari as soon as possible. 

I'm going to plant them over tiles Adair, so I'll be off to a good start.  But I've read about the importance to dig the plant up every 2-3 yrs and root prune.  At least that's my plan.

Owen Reich:
There are a couple big players in the woody plant market.  One is Sheffield Seed.  There are few more that sell seed with known provenance by the ounce and even pound. 

John Kirby:
Schumacher tends to be pretty good, I have dealt with them for years. There JRP tend to be 100% to type (or close to it) the JBP tend to have some Hybrids. Maples, hornbeams, etc, have come true to type, for me. Just started 4 oz of DW small leaf tridents (whatever they are in the seed trade), a lb of Ume, an oz of Carpinus t. and an oz of P densiflora. Japanese Quince and J maples are next.



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