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Candid shots of Fall Maples

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Dale Cochoy:
Here are a few candid shots of some of my maples. They are brilliant this year. I took these yesterday ( Oct 24) out in the rain. No trimming, no posing. I just took them where they sat.

These are three LARGE 'Blood Good' maples were collected several years ago from a large nursery. They were 7-9 ft. tall when collected with dead tops from winter kill. .
Two are in Japanese pots and one in a large dark green oval I made.
The two in Japanese pots I finally got potted this spring into bonsai pots.

Dale Cochoy:
Here are two older Japanese maples.

The smaller ( 4" boards behind it) is in a Sara Raynor pot

and the large one is in a rectangle 'second' pot of mine. It is one of the trees I've had in my collection about 25 years.

John Kirby:
Gorgeous Dale, makes me remember why I like fall. John

Dale Cochoy:
Thanks John,
Yes, pretty leaves in Fall, but I'm sure tired of raking for the last 30 yrs here!
Here is another I just shot today ( 10/25/09).
A big maple?
I dug this as 'Blood Good' with other ones, looks identical, leaves look identical in spring and red, but as summer goes on they get greener and then in fall are ALWAYS yellow. Almost sold it but has the best trunk/rootage.
In a pretty big chinese pot .
 Roxy and Monte alongside.

John Kirby:
Wow, I bet the contrast side by side is great. One of the problems of living on the cusp of the south is that we hardly ever get good fall color, this year is a bit better- but nothing like this.



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