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Candid shots of Fall Maples

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Jeff Lahr:
Living in a very moderate region of California I can only experience fall vicariously. Thanks for sharing a bit of autumn with the rest of us. (By the way, I do have leaves to rake, but they are brilliant mud color.)

Absolutely B-E-A-U-TIFUL Dale!!  ;)

Dale Cochoy:
Thanks Syeven,
The Ginkgo's also looked real nice....but....I waited too long! >:(

I know it Dale. Ya got to time it just right with Ginkgos or ya lose out. My Ginkgo forest(a Frank K. creation) is yellowin up nice right now and with rain comin in tonight through tomorrow it may take a hit(rain knockin leaves off). If it holds up I'm hopin to get some good pics of its fall color. Got some crepe's, oaks and some of my Acer cultivars are a nice red and orange atm. best time I view mine is at night with a flashlight or headtorch. That type of lightin seems to make the colors glow. :)

Not nearly as nice as Dale's, but here's some more color for you folks who don't have any.



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