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branch splitting?


Hi, I'm hoping someone here might know what is causing this, I just noticed it today. I looks like the branch is splitting on its own, but I'm worried some kind of bug might be causing it. The 13 year cicadas are out this year, and I've heard that they can damage trees. Any thoughts? Also, I noticed a few leaves browning and turning upwards. 

Just verified that this is caused by cicadas, mated females laying their eggs.

It's a little difficult to make out in your picture, though I don't doubt your confirmation.  I've never had any problems with cicadas anywhere near my trees, even during peak brood years.  I wonder if you might describe your growing area(s)?  We're not that far apart, geographically, so I wonder what the difference is?

I'm not sure what the difference is. The branches on my tree are a little on the thick side, about the thickness of a pen or pencil, because I just started this tree this year. There are also several large trees beside my deck where this tree lives where a large number of cicadas congregate. I've put netting on it in an attempt to protect it from further damage.


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