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Acer palmatum 'Sangokaku'

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I have been so inspired looking at Bill Valavanis' "Classical Bonsai Art" i stopped at a local nursery and hunted for a Japanese Maple to attempt to duplicate his process and techniques. I picked up an Acer palmatum "Sangokaku"for $59.95. The tree I have is even loaded with seeds that I'll harvest and then sprout. When my son eventually takes over my collection this will be a nice tree for sure. If you are not familiar with this variety here are a few pic of the foliage and trunk. Striking color don't you think. JRob

This is quite an inspiring book that I find myself rereading every couple of weeks.

I like this variety as it displays the contrasting coral and lime colors.


You might be interested in the Sangu Kaku thread in on the Japanese Maple board here.  This twin trunk I have worked on for 20 yrs.  The coral color bark lessens with time, present on new growth, best in winter. Bark mostly light grey now, will whiten if I lime sulfur in winter.  Leaf color best is spring and fall, plain light green in summer.  Pleasant tree to work with, one of my first starts, also from nursery stock.  Nebari will bulk up nicely, if you get good radial root spread early, let it grow in shallow pot or ground.

Josh, I have viewed your tree many times since it was first posted several years ago. It first spiked my interest in this variety and was the reason I had added it to my bucket list of trees to acquire. It is a beautiful specimen and a fine bonsai. When my collection passes to my son, it is my hope after this spring air layering project, he will become the care taker of an equally fine specimen. I'd love to see more of your trees on this forum. JRob

Look forward to posting more trees, second only to getting my twin 8 yr old twin boys interested in bonsai.  The maple in question is one of my son's favorite.  I've told him it is his to care for when he is ready.  Still working the picture thing, posting, etc.  Fun when it works!


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