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A few years from anything

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I planted these in my grow bed either spring or fall of '08 as 1 year old seedlings.  In anticipation of a possible move, and because my grow bed needed to be rearranged, I dug these about October of '09.

These two have interesting movement low on the trunk, and the trunks are just shy of 1".

Since my trees are still asleep (just barely; you can see buds starting to swell), I've been trying to plan what needs to be done.  I'm torn on these trees:  chop them back and start working on developing taper, or leave them alone and try develop more girth.

The other one.  (There's a little movement hidden by the lower wet/dark trunk.)

Is that some scarring on the base of the 2nd tree?

Wayne, why not have each? Cut one back to work on now and let the other one grow out. If they were mine I would allow the second one to grow out so that those scars will heal over. I have several maples that I bought for Bonsai but planted them in the yard instead. The stinkin' squirrels chew on the bark in the fall, don't ask me why. So some of mine get scarred up but usually heal over by the next summer. Although mine are growing in the ground, I think yours will heal faster by not limiting the growth. You really achieved some good size on your two trees, did you use a super-fertilizing program? Have you considered airlayering the top(s) instead of just removing them? Keep us posted. Don

Almost excactly a few years. Anything?

Thanks Bwayne.


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