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Ken, you have quite the variety. Love those Katsura leaves, great color. I have a small grafted one that I bought last year. It is really small and the buds are about to open but not quite yet. I have a little bigger Kotohime (I think) that I have been dragging around for years. Plan to airlayer the tops off this spring and start to train it. I hope to post the process for all to see. Don.

ken duncan:
Hi Don, I like the Spring colors on Maples also. It is rare for me to get good fall colors so I enjoy the spring very much.
Here is a better pic of bright Maples.

ken duncan:
Jay, here is a pic from Friday afternoon.

Jay Wilson:
Really nice Ken. Thanks!  Wish I could grow J. maples here. My red maples get some good color sometimes, but they don't have the elegance. :'(


ken duncan:
Thank You Jay and You are welcome.
Can You grow Tridents? I have tried to grow Red Maples, did not have much success, they never looked a good as the ones that I have see You post. Chalk Maple is one that should make a good Bonsai. I have a few but they are far from being good trees, they seem to be a bit course like Red Maples.


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