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Yard Pine- JBP from Frank Kroeker

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John Kirby:
This is a JBP that I got from Frank Kroeker in December 2004. I styled it the first time a couple of days after Christmas in 2004, it looked like a very skinny plucked chicken at the time. It got the name "Yard Pine" because some of Frank's OKC bonsai buddies said "THis tree is so ugly it wouldn't even be a good yard pine". I will look for the picture of it when I first got it leaning over in a box- Maybe Frank still has it. Marco Rewired in in 2006, I then restyled in 2007 and 2009.

It needs to be wired again, my wife took the small wire off right after these pictures were taken around New Years.

I guess, I am posting this to show folks that decandling and needle pulling works to increase foliage density and back budding, even if you don't like where I am going with the tree. It is in a Dick Ryerson pot, I will repot into a different pot in March.


Ugly or not that is a fine pine  ;D

Hi John, nice tree. I like the subtle movement and it has good bark. what are the dimensions?    Wood

John Kirby:
Gary (wood),
It is just a smidge over 3' tall. John

nice job John,
where is the picture(s) of the pluck chicken? 
it grows a lot of feathers at last.


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