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When to cut back JBP for backbudding

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Thanks for your reply John.
The tree was field grown and dug in spring 2013. I got it end of summer 2013 after it showed that it was growing.
I did a first styling in the fall of 2014.
Movement in the buds starts here by the end of march, beginning of April.  Shoots elongate and needles coming out is may. Around the longest day the needles are hardened of. If we decandle,  we do this by the end of may or early June. Else there is not enough time for the summer shoots to fully develop.
If  I had to do it over again I certainly would start with roots. Now I will proceed with styling it and leave the roots next 3 years. After the first two years in the container very few roots had developed. 


--- Quote from: John Kirby on August 25, 2015, 06:33 PM ---Roots first. Get the tree strong, then worry about design. Weak trees shed branches. Fertilize until the end of the growing season. You live in zone 8? Do you have growth starting the end of February or later? Repot around the time of growth starting, bare root 1/2 and place in a rapidly draing, yet moisture retentive mix that does not include organics. Secure the tree well in the pot. Protect the soil from freezing, start fertilizing 4 weeks after transplanting. If you get a strong flush of growth, you can prune back in to prior years (old) needles to release latent buds from inhibition. Do not do to weaker branches. Let weaker brnches strengthen, then return following spring and prune back. Have fun.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the info.  Helps me with my JBP

Good Luck Dirk.  Show us a pic of the whole tree please.


The pics are older, but this is the tree.

John Kirby:
the tree has been living off of strength it developed while in the ground. It is losing strength sitting in bad field soil in a pot. Strong trees respond to appropriate technique, weak trees get weaker and eventually die.

This doesn't make any sense to me. Your words indicate the ground is good but the ground soil is bad. Huh?

Were you intending some further explanation?


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