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Two more JBPs- this time cascades.....

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Adair M:
Here are two more recent pics of the first cascade.  One before and one after I decandled it and thinned out the buds at the Summer Intensive.  I hope you like my work, John.

John Kirby:
Very nice Adair, you are learning the arcane art of Black Pine Maintenance! I saw the tree when I was in California to decandle the little one's the first weekend in July. I thought that I had posted an update after we cut the last big root off in January 2012. Anyway, has come along very nicely. Thanks for the help, had some family things come up that forced me to cancel an intensive trip.

If my jbp look are on a level anywhere close to these two, when i finish their designs. I'll die a happy man  ::)

Awesome trees mr Kirby

John Kirby:
The second tree is also coming along, this tree was much weaker than the other. This year we were able to do a complete decandling, base witing and now a repot into a slightly larger pot. It is fun to watch goodold trees come back.

Sweet tree, it's looking nice.


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