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Jason E:

--- Quote --- I might poke a few holes in the other half and backfill them with bonsai soil just to add some aeration/drainage too.

--- End quote ---

This topic was brought up at a recent lecture w/ a very well known bonsai pro.
He said never poke holes in the soil as this just compacts the soil further where you are poking. if you can't get water to permiate the soil you'd be better off building a dam around pot and let the water sit until it soaks in no matter how long that takes.

thought this was interesting as you hear of so many people using rebar or chopsticks to make holes trying to imrove aeration and drainage.

John Kirby:
Interesting on the hole poking, have not done it myself but have heard people discuss it.

As with the JBP emergency repot thread, you bare root half of the tree, work the bottom, work the outside of, The remaining root mass and comb back the surface roots fom the nebari. This remove a large part of the trail oil and root mass and joule facilitate enhanced drainage.

I wonder if there'd be any benefit to doing this:


Does anyone know if Jonas posted a follow-up to this post?

John Kirby:
I think I will see him tomorrow or Sunday during workshops, ! will ask.

Jonas Dupuich:
Good question - I only tried brushing the branches that one time and I don't know that anything extraordinary happened as a result.


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