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Owen Reich:
Welcome Jonas!  BonsaiTonight is my favorite blog  ;D.  The one of the links below shold work.  Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 26.  I got in a lot of trouble filming this one, so hope you enjoy  :) (right around 5:25).  Just search for it on YouTube if the links don't work.  We do the "poke" method on a number of species with great success on established bonsai.  Every 2-3 repottings, sections of the rootmass may require removal but not in an arbitrary "pie-wedge" method promoted in some literature.  This method is not the only way, but is effective.

Nice stock too.



John Kirby:
Owen, nice piece.

Leo, I will drop it, but show us some trees.

So, this tree is now mine, but its not in good shape.  It looks like its in different soil than when it was last pictured, and if that's the case, I'd be willing to bet **I** was even the one to repot it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to nurse it back to health and likely repot it this spring.

A better picture might happen later, but here it is as I got it.

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