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Thanks for the feedback Jonas (and welcome aboard)!!  (Kirby, you're the best!)

Well ...that was inconclusive!  There was some interesting discussion in the comments of the link I posted.  If I can find a brush w/o too much trouble I might still give it a shot.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell any difference since I don't know much of the history of this tree or it's response.

Perhaps a stiff tooth brush?

John Kirby:
Wayne, since they are pretty close in size at the base, the smaller of the two trunks, on the left as face the first picture, should best be cut down to two branches at about the mid point, will reduce competition and give a little assymetry to the composition,

Don Blackmond:
if your soil is compacted already, causing poor water permeation, then you are better off driving holes into the soil.  Use a chop stick or similar tool and don't penetrate all the way through the root ball.  This will create holes that will fill with water.  You can insure that water will get into the soil and be absorbed rather than rolling off the soil surface and down between the pot wall and outer root ball.  Or, you can do a root soak. 


--- Quote from: John Kirby on December 04, 2012, 01:33 PM ---As with the JBP emergency repot thread, you bare root half of the tree, work the bottom, work the outside of, The remaining root mass and comb back the surface roots fom the nebari. This remove a large part of the trail oil and root mass and joule facilitate enhanced drainage.

--- End quote ---

I have officially repotted the my emergency tree, but i give it maybe a 15% chance. It would mark my first serious tree loss.
I did exactly that with a lot of the original soil (which sucked hard) 50 %. some of the people from my club laughed at me when I brought it out to repot. They told me that it would be "good practice for repotting" some of the needles have turned back to slightly green. I hope i can see some progress for now it has moss covering the soil and i am giving it a light superthrive treatment each time i water. fingers crossed thanks for the tips everyone. i just wish i could figure how to post pictures on this site, still can't. it would be a lot more fun if i could.

p.s. love the material wayne even if its not yours i can see nothing but potential with that tree


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