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Root Over Rock Black Pine

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Owen Reich:
This black pine has a nice history; much of which happened long before I met the bonsai.  We met in October of 2013.  First photo is pre-styling.

Owen Reich:
The bonsai was lightly restyled then, and branches were slated for removal in 2014 and 2015. 

This is a photo from Oct. 2014

Owen Reich:
This Spring (2015), a new planting position was chosen emphasizing the surface roots and raising the stone a little more.

This pine, reeking with potential, will keep you busy (and me interested) far into the future. And the rock is just crazy good!


That is definitely a winner on the way there.

I have to agree on that rock.  What a beauty.

I will follow this thread and pull tips for my JBP

Great work Owen


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