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Please help - what is this?

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Hello all,
The second year in row I have discovered a fungus in my soil. It is not mycorrhizae. It is yellow, hairy with little (very hard) grains. I have attached a picture.  All my pines and other bonsais were effected last year and had been repotted. I did not use a fungicide etc. It is late spring here in South Africa and it seems to come back (accompanied by a pungent mushroom smell). The trees get full day sun and pots can get very warm at times.  The trees are not the strongest but seem ok. All of them are planted in a pumice/seramis//grit/bark mixture.
Should I use a systemic fungicide? And if yes which one without retarding the little mycorrhizae I have....?
I have shown some of this stuff to a local nursery but they can't help!

More Saffas!

That's a tough one.


Adair M:
I don't know what it is, but the problem is the pine bark in your soil mix. Eliminate it, and I bet the problem would go away.

Why is it that when anyone sees something they don't understand, their immediate thought is to KILL IT!

If it doesn't seem to be affecting your trees, let it be.  

And just a thought:  Fungus seldom do well when water is scarce.  Could it be that your trees are wated too often -- especially at this time of year? ???

I was thinking the pine bark is likely allowing it.

Soil seems kind of thick. Too soily.

No pine, no grit, more pumice.?


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