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Please help - what is this?

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Hi all,

Fungus is still growing.... (Attached another picture) regardeless of keeping the soil as dry as possible. Have also treated the worst effected tree with a systemic which seems to retard the growth - for a short while.

I am left with one option which is to (fall) repot all (10) trees again (and certainly not using any pine bark).

Someone suggested to get the trees (soil) fumigated

I would apreciate to get your thoughts on the following:

A, should i bare root the trees ( wash out all soil) and treat (with what?)
B, should i do any root pruning at all?
C, what to do with the containers (i have read somewhere not to use pots again if there is a fungus issue)?

Any advice is very much appreciatd.


--- Quote from: John Kirby on December 14, 2014, 07:01 PM ---Zerotol. Gentke oxygen radical priducer, controls soil fungus without impacting symbionts.

Dump the bark.

--- End quote ---

Hi John,
I finally got hold of Zerotol - will give it a go


John Kirby:
Hope it works, nice extra is that it isn't phytotoxic. Good luck.

Hi All,

for those who are interested, here is some feedback on the soil fungus issue I had a year ago:

First - I lost one tree only... most probably through the stress of repotting.

The rest is alive and is doing ok.

What I did:
treated/watered the worst trees with Hydrogen Peroxide (Zerotol)- recommended by John. Our customs confiscated the Zerotol I ordered from the US - without a plausible reason... So I used the locally available HP
Repotted into a grid, leca & Peat mix - no bark!  Thanks Adair!!! I also  believe that the previous mix allowed the medium (and roots) in the Pot to warm up to quickly...
To reduce heat, trees are growing now under a 50% shade cloth. Too much for Pines do you think (would appreciate what you think re this)???
Have also used some systemic fungicide (from Protec)  on an Olive tree - so far so good (the one recommended by Herman).

What is the chance of the fungus not returning...once a tree had been affected? Not very high I guess.  On the other hand, last year at the same time I had issues already... So far (11 months later) I have not discovered any more of the fungus.

We are going into Summer now with temperatures being in the mid 30's - I guess the coming few weeks will show how effective treatments have been...




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