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Pinus thunbergii, var corticosa

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Good Evening All,

For those of you that have or work on Japanese Cork Bark Black Pines does this tree go through the same candle and needle technique that the normal JBP Pinus thunbergii does? Thanks.


Rob, the answer is yes and no.

We candle corkbarks every other year. The bark develops better in the year the tree is not candled. So we give one year for needles, one year for bark.


John Kirby:
Maybe BOON will post a picture of his big cork bark or near cork bark black pine from Mas, it wasn't decandes this year and it is amazingly dense- really spectacular growth.

Boon would you please?


here are the pictures of all sides.
This year it is not decandled.  we finished needle pulling, thinning buds and cut back today.

Boon, this tree is remarkable. Therefore I am remarking on it.  ;D

Was this Mas' famous tree? I don't think I've seen it in your shop before. What a beatiful example it is. Thank you so much for showing it.



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