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Pinus Sylvestries (Scots Pine)

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Rick Moquin:

Thanks for the feedback. The second trunk has already caused reverse taper. I am keeping it (my thoughts, since the damage is already done) until spring anyway. At which time it will be cut off, to induce bud break on the main trunk. In the mean time it is helping to maintain energy (my thought) for the tree. Quite a bit has been removed (energy focus)

Your thoughst??

John Kirby:
it looks like the lower stuff may be toast, I would finish the job, just be a little careful with water and fertilizer (don't) until you se new growth. If the tree pops back in the fall it may make your reverse taper problem worse. Since you aren't wiring, it should be fine.


Rick Moquin:
Gotcha John! I don't think much will happen this fall. I belive with what I have done so far that the tree's energy will be "RE-DISTRIBUTED" with what remains. Late winter I intend to shock it further prior to spring flush.

My attitude wrt new acquisition is sink or sqim, and I believe this one is wearing 2 life jackets  ;) :D IOW it shows great potential to spring back and do what it is suppose to do although it hasn't read the book. ;)


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