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Thomas J.:
One of my JBPs is showing a problem that I'm not sure of what it is. I never have any problems with my JBPs and this is the first for me so I guess I need to know what I'm dealing with so I can begin treatment. Can someone please tell me what I have going on here and what is the best remedy. Thanks.
Thomas J

Hi Thomas

I am no expert on JBP.  All I can think of is that it may be dying and I have no advice on how to save it.  The reason I say that is because one of mine looked exactly the same and it just continued to go backwards and eventually died.  I really hope it is not the reason.

I hope one of the more knowledgeable people on this forum help you out with a suggestion or two and totally prove me wrong.

Good luck though.

John Kirby:
Where is the pine(generally)?
When was it ladt repotted? What medium is it growing in?
What is your fungicide/insecticide schedual?

Not uncommon, not necessarily fatal.

If this pine's where most of ThomasJ's other trees are, I believe he's in the Dallas area.

Thomas J.:
Yes that's correct, I'm in the Dallas area. As I mentioned I've never had any problem like this with any of my JBPs since I started working with them back in 2007. I have 15 -2 1/2yr old seedlings and 6 older specimen JBPs and none of them show any signs of this. I repot my JBPs every year around this time of the year. I really don't have a fungicide program since they usually don't show any signs of fungal infection. I started using Daconil on this one as soon as I saw what was going on and seems to me to be holding it at bay. I now keep it out of the rain and make sure the needles don't get wet when watering. Forgot to mention that all my pines are in Boons mix. :-)


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