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I got this tree in the first workshop I took @ the Bonsai Learning Center.  I was pretty pleased with what I got, even though I got to choose 2nd from last (as I was 2nd from last to sign up for the class).

I repotted it out of an appropriately-ish-sized drum-pot this spring into this plastic oil drain pan with some improved drainage (akadama, lava, and sieved gravel).  Several issues conspired against me this year causing me to neglect my trees for about 6 weeks.  I tried to water them, but couldn't do it regularly.  That fact along with the root pruning I did this spring caused this tree to lose one branch.  I actually think it was an improvement, but in facing the discoloration of the branch, I was frantic.  Things seem to have stabilized.

I'm open to suggestions, but unless I'm convinced otherwise, I'll probably hold off on much more work on this one until the fall just to give it a chance to recoop and get used to this pot.

Rick Moquin:
I like the direction you are going with this.

I really like this material. It is going to make a wonderful literati tree. It has show-stopping potential.


ken duncan:
Wayne, your Black Pines look very healthy.
Good job.

After repotting this tree this year, I'm a little wary to work it too hard this summer.  It was recommended that instead of decandling it *and* needle-plucking it, I just needle-pluck this year.  I did that earlier this week.  I'll try to get a picture or 2 in the next few days.  Hopefully the needle-plucking doesn't affect the health of this tree too much.

ps.  Ken, I don't care much for traffic on i-26 leaving columbia @ about 5 on weekdays.
pps.  Its odd that this tree is receiving the comments its getting here as it was roundly booed when it was posted a few years ago as being too skinny ...and that I should let low branches (do y'all see any of those) grow freely to fatten the base.  My vision for this tree has always been one of a feminine display.  Not so much a literati as some are calling it.  It doesn't conform to the 6:1 guide, but I think its image is still pleasing.


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