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ken duncan:
Wayne, I think your pine will be fine, it looks so healthy and I am sure You feed it well. From my understanding of pine needle plucking it is done in the fall to promote back budding.
Yea, I-126 and I-26 heading west is no place to at 5:00 pm or going the other way at 8:00 am.
You know as well as I do that You will get all kinds of comments on these forums. 
As Arthur said on another forum the other day " In the end You have to do what You like".

John Kirby:
If you aren't going to decandle now, you can pull old needles to limit the amount of growth that your new needles get, and still minimize the stress on the tree. Buds pop now, or you can wait until next spring/summer for them to pop. Generally after a heavy repotting we still decandle, we just are much more careful to leave more old needles when decandling. However, since this tree also received the "insult" of post repotting dehydration on occasion, I would probably agree about not decndling.


FYI:  she's dead.

King Kong:
No way...I love that pine :'(


Sorry to hear.  Do you know the cause?


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