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My next victim... er... Project! Yeah, that's what I meant!

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Adair M:
I haven't done a thing to it, except admire it, and try to determine whether I should try to make it into an informal upright by developing an axex over the center of the trunk, or let it be a slant by developing the apex over to the right.

Loads of potential with this one!

Nice material.  Where did you acquire it?

And a good victim it is !

got it all- bark, girth, movement, branching


big D

Like to see some other views, for possible fronts and designs...if you are willing   ;)

All right Adair!  Now that's one hell of a tree!  Looking forward to seeing your 'next move' ;-)

Holy crap...where do you guys find raw material like that, its so unfair!

I don't get the formal upright though, its got a bit of a bend in the trunk.
It already looks moyogi to me? Its not really slanting so much as it has movement in the trunk...
But then again...what do I know, right...


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