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Adair M:
An update to the progress on this tree:

The appriach graft of the first lower branch may, or may not have taken. It looks to me that it has been pushed out, rather than fused in. The approach graft I placed on the other side of the tree appears to have taken. It's much smaller.

I removed the wire it had back in the summer, and I've just rewired it. Over the past couple years, I've been cutting back some overlong branches, trying to get foliage closer to the trunk. Decandling has created lots of smaller twigs all over. The tree us vigorous, send has back budded well. Those new buds were not decandled to allow them to get strong. So the tree has a mix of long and short needles.

Another technique I've been applying is pruning to get each branch to have a triangle shape (when seen from above).  The branches were mostly fanned out when I got it, so they had a rounded shape. Getting there. They've backbudded well, and soon I'll be able to cut back to the new backbuds.

Adair M:
Next spring, it will get a half bare root repot. At that time, it will get a new pot, and a slight angle change:  tilted back and to the left a little.

Great tree Adair, and great progression.
Thanks for sharing


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