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Here is a JBP that I aquired almost 3 yrs ago that was needing a repot bad. It came in the blue pot that you see it in in some old pics and the one where the pine was needle plucked. The plucking occured last year. I repotted this pine doing the techniques Boon demonstrates in his repotting dvd. The repotting pics were taken by me(when I could) and my dad(when I couldn't). The roots were good and accumulating at the bottom of the blue pot. The previous owner(who I bought it from) apparently used potting soil. I trimmed the rootball back to a decent size. No major root reduction. The mica pot it went into may seem big but I want to establish a good root system so that I can work on getting the rest of the potting dirt out over the next few yrs. Anyway hope you all enjoy...or not :)

These pics show the rootball after trimming, the drainage layer in the bottom of the pot and the tree in place prior to wiring into the pot.

Well until I can find how to resize pics on this new comp I can't show the basket tie Boon uses on my pine. So you are left seeing me holding the tree with fingers under branches to show how secure the tree is in the pot. Tree finished and potted and last me with the tree. Anyone make fun of my garden apron and I'll track you down!  :P

After this tree I did 3 more trees. Those were placed in collanders and no pics. You can basket wire a tree into a collander.

John Kirby:
Great job, will be interested to see how well the tree responds this year- I would expect some real poppin this spring. John

Here's the pic showing the basket wire tie.


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