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Title: JBP old technique
Post by: boon on November 08, 2011, 03:34 PM
this is the result from partially cut spring candle on JBP.  you still have long neck without bud to deal with.  spring candle is thick.
if you cut to 5 pairs of needles you have 5 buds. 
the longer you do the leggier it will get.  the branches will get too thick to use in the long run.
no one in Japan use this technique any more.  even for garden tree.

a friend of our member brought it over.  did not remember when he did it.  old needles are pulled.  luckily it is grown in good soil and fertilized a lot.  he has several buds growing but no bud back and new growths are very thick.

this tree is still fixable in a short time.
Title: Re: JBP old technique
Post by: boon on November 08, 2011, 03:39 PM
the old technique was use.  it was grown in poor soil, a little water, a little fertilizer, spring candles are kept and cut to 3-5 pairs of needles.  it was kept that way for a long time(over 10 years)  there is not bud back and branches are dying.
we repot it this year.  it is doing better.  new growth is growing stronger.  but it is not strong enough to decandle yet.  it probaably will take another year or two of water, feed and let grow until it is strong enough to be decandle. 
long and leggy branches will need to be grafted to get new back branches.   those branches are too old and weak to bud back.