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JBP dormancy
« on: August 10, 2014, 04:00 AM »
Hi All,
I live in Cape Town with warm/windy summers and relatively mild winters (temperature drops seldom below 10C) - perhaps comparable with your Zone 11b or 12.  This winter seems to be one of the warmest with  a few long warm spells (over 22C) and buds have been developing (elongating) throughout - seemingly not having fallen dormant at all ?!?!?!
I have read that JBP require at least 6 weeks below 10C  in order to fall/stay dormant...  Wouldn't the temperature needed to fall dormant relate to the highs achieved in summer? So the higher the summer temperatures, the higher the required temperature to fall dormant...  How can I compensate for for the missing 'below 10C'?   ...and no, my fridge is not big enough!
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Re: JBP dormancy
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I live in the tropics, our lowest temperature is 20 deg.c which occurs from 5.00 p.m. until 8 a.m daily, this is  from Christmas to the end of February. Highs will be 33 deg.C and under, for just about half and hour. Frequently it is 30 deg.C and under.

The J.B.pines may also go dormant by the shortened daylight.

Oldest J.B.pine is from seed and about 27 years old.
Position all year round is full sun.
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