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Hi All

My dad bought a packet of Japanese Black Pine seeds in England and brought them for me to plant. 10 Seeds were planted that eventually became 2 trees. I call this JBP 2.

I planted the seeds in 2008 and I am totally honest in saying that I was totally clueless with how to work with these.  I eventually decided to try a windswept (fukinagashi) style with the tree.  In Sept 2014 I took it to a bonsai nursery to help me out with it and try to move it in the right direction.

Now...  Suggestions on where to next.

Front and back images

And a image from the top.

I think that I have to do more wiring on the upper branches to get it looking more "rugged"

I would have done a literati with this, rather than windswept. Windswept is more a straighter leaning trunk with the branches all sweeping one way. It is difficult to describe what I mean, what you have done is ok, but not any particular style. What did the guys at the nursery say? I would also change the pot, this one is too deep for the style, but that is for the future,
Have a look at bonsai4me.com where you will find styles and species guides,

Hi Geoff

In hind sight I would of done the same and it was actually a thought of mine too only after I had it wired.

I definitely understand what you are saying about the trunk.  This one just looks like it is being blown on a very windy day, only to pop straight back up once the wind dies down. ;D

Adair M:
Windswept is very difficult to pull off convincingly.

Look at your trunk. It starts off moving left, then the wind kicks in and blows the top to the right. If the tree was in a windswept environment, the trunk would never go left, it would always go the same direction as the wind.  Second, JBP needles should point up. Even on a cascade. How could they point up and be windswept at the same time?  Totally inconsistent.

I suggest restyling the tree to something else.


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