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Hi All.

I planted 10 JBP seeds a few years ago and got 2 of them to take and grow.  One was in a windswept Style (that now seems to be dying on me) and then the other one now in this thread.

I took it to a Bonsai Nursery and they helped me put a nice bend into the trunk.

Problem is where to I go to from here. 

Herman gave the following suggestions
"that bud on the bottom of the trunk is golden!!! use that as your future trunk line in a few years when it has become strong enough, use the rest as sacrifice growth to beef the trunk up. Well that's just one way of doing it, I like the bends you put into the trunk.

You practically have a blank canvas with a very good start in terms of trunk movement, you can go tall literati, semi cascade, cascade, informal upright, slanting....."

I was thinking of potting into a larger pot to assist with growth and Kent suggested the following.
"Planting into bigger pots? Be careful with that - pines root groth is slowly. Your soil ( the organic part) will decompose much quicker than the roots will make use of it. You will end up with a mean soil fungus ( like me) which really sucks!"

Lets hear your thoughts on this and how would you proceed

All advice greatly appreciated.

I would try to wire that quadrant of shade away from that new bud.

Your last wire coil is in the right direction to pull it away. 2 pliers, bend the wire technique.  You could probably throw some wire on the four lil branches up there too to expose them better to even sunlight.

That bud could be a new leader, or a sacrifice. Golden for sure either way!

If those next 2 branches up back bud, they could be new leader and first branch, since the movement in the trunk to there is so nice.

Oh there is a lil budlet there. Green new leader apex bud in photo. I don't know pines, but this seems a feasible direction.


Thanks so much Sorce

I will definitely look into that.   Next months Bonsai club meeting is exactly about JBP so this one will be going with for some expert advice

A quick update on this JBP.

Spring is on us and we were lucky to have a very mild winter.

I found an article by Kusida Matsuo in a old copy of Bonsai Today Vol 20 about thickening up the trunk of a JBP by using a colander.  I decided to try this out on the JBP to see if I can speed this process up and help this tree on its way (hopefully not to Bonsai heaven)

I removed the wire as it had just started to cut into the trunk and planted it into a mix of LECA and perlite.  I water it 3x daily and will start to fertilise it in about 3 - 4 weeks.  Just giving it time to settle.  There are numerous new buds coming out at the top and then there is a new bud on the one branch and one on the trunk.  Hopefully those will all assist with thickening up the trunk.

Adair M:
Is that a double colander?

Since that issue of Bonsai Today was published, many have died planting in commanders. Single and double.

The benefit of a single colander is. that when the extending root hits the edge of the colander, it encounters air. So, if stops extending, and backbuds new roots closer to the trunk. When roots hit the wall of a pot, they think they e hit a rock, and try to go around it. Thus circling the pot. So, the colander promotes a better root system by promoting root backbudding.

So, why double colander?  When the roots hit that first colander, they'll just squeeze through. No backbudding. It's not until the second colander wall is hit that the backbudding occurs. But it's most likely to occur between the colanders!  Not close to the trunk.

And later, you'll find that the only way to separate the tree from that first colander is to cut it off. Thus removing the backbudding!

The "double colander" is a flawed technique. Single colanders is the wa to go!


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