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Can someone show me examples of healthy growth/buds on Japanese Red Pine at this time of year? 

I've (half-bare-root) repotted a tree that was in poor soil (under Boon's supervision) and I'm fertilizing heavily and recently moved all my trees to the absolute sunniest spot I have available.  I'm trying to get this tree as healthy as possible.  I understand what to look for with JBP, but JRP is a new beast.

Can anyone help me out?


I imagine there's a good bit of carry over from this article:

Some pics of one of my red pines.
Buds on red pine are red (ish) pointy and a little fluffy.

I hope this helps.


Here's a few from mine:
1. bottom
2. lower-middle
3. top
4. bottom-est.

Today I reduced buds on about 8 Pinus Sylvestris. The buds on your tree look very much li kk e the  buds on P. Sykvestris! The don't look like Red Pine buds to me. They don't look like Black Pine buds either.

If you are sure your tree is Red Pine, (P. Densiflora) I don't think the buds look healthy.


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