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T-Town Bonsai:
Ok kind of misleading but this is a JBP that I grew from seed, dug spring 07 and wired last fall.  Probably was in the ground no more than 7 years.  Will be needle plucking in November.  It is budding back and in time will be a pretty good bonsai.  It is one of the taller ones that I have grown and even though it doesn't have great taper I still like it.

Don Blackmond:
nice trunk development
you using Osmocote now?

Glad to see you're out of the business and back in the hobby, even though your avatar is still scary. Nice job on the pine.

keep it green,

T-Town Bonsai:

--- Quote from: Don Blackmond on September 19, 2009, 11:29 AM ---nice trunk development
you using Osmocote now?

--- End quote ---

That's all I had so I used it.  I guess I should use some of that money I am making and buy some.

Tom Mounce:
Frank,  Nice JBP,  The barks looks good for such a young age and should only get better.



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