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Larry Gockley:
Am I right in that this spring's candle is forming another candle? I grow a few hundred seedlings a year, and in my experience, that candle will only continue to elongate the main trunk, making for long internodes and no branching. Here in NE Texas, I cut the candles of even 1 1/2 year old seedlings about 2 weeks ago, and they are already pushing multiple summer candles, ( the only ones you want to keep ), and a few are budding lower on the trunk, another good thing. The summer candles on this batch will be edited, ( only keep two ), this winter, and the whole thing wired, making one branch #1, and the other the new leader. That said, however, don't know the length of your growing season, and whether or not cutting it now is too late.

I decandled some of my jbp seedlings as an experiment, but these particular ones I'm going to let grow on a bit.  I just haven't had a second candle grow on seedlings so this was a first.


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