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im a newbie


I just decided to purchase my bonsai starter kit off of amazon and it just came with 6 black pine seeds soil tiny rocks and a tiny ceramic pot. Everything I have expected but I just keep hearing different things from people around the states. I'm in the poconos. Pennsylvania if you don't know where the Poconos is. its finally warming up here from this freezing winter but its still cold out about 28 degrees tonight. I have 60 foot pine trees in my back yard so I just decided to plant the seeds in the pot and put it on my back deck. Before planting I had it sit in a cold glass of water over night and all three sank to the bottom. I'm not sure if I am  killing it right from the start or doing ok. Any help would b appreciated thank you

Hi Anthony,

What are you unsure about?

Kind regards

Everything..I'm not sure if I did anything right. I'm kind of tempted to buy a grown one and still try and grow mine so I can learn a little. I need a Tudor or mentor to help. Maybe even go to a few stores today to ask around. Pocono weather sucks and idk if it will last as long as I want it. Thanks for replying herman

I'd suggest you get something more established.  Growing from seed is enjoyable, but its a LONG process, ...and there's a lot of patience and restraint necessary.

Also, Nature's Way in Harrisburg & Shady Side in Glen Rock (if he's still at it) would be highly recommended.


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