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John Callaway asked me to post the updated picture of this tree after we have worked and cut in June.
i have been busy with new house.  now i am still moving my stuff.  so sorry, i have not participate much,
here is the picture that i took a couple days ago.

Wow, thanks Boon.  This really is my favorite tree.  I heard there were some big cuts down this year.  Can you give more info on this?

I hope the move and settling in continues to go well.

Thanks for sharing.

Wow thats a monster!

Great looking tree, Thanks for sharing!


T-Town Bonsai:
I think this is the same tree.  John Kirby was working on it at the intensive we went to in 07. 

Don Blackmond:
This tree looks great.  Very healthy.  I like the present pot much better too.  Much better proportion and appearance.  Excellent job.


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