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Chuhin JBP after fall work

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John Kirby:
This Chuhin JBP (about 16") is an interesting tree. It is in its "on the bench pot", there is a superb Antique pot that makes this tree just "pop" that I am saving my pennies for, the two were combined in 2008 by Sam Edge and then split up when they were sold, I think they will be reunited soon. Anyway, this tree has really improved since I first saw it 41/2 years ago, the needles have become very uniform and the tree is responding quite predictably to seasonal work. I wish I had taken a before picture as this is the first pine I have worked on with Boon where he said "the foliage is too dense, thin out". To get the tree where it is now, we took off over 50% od the foliage on the upper 1/2 of the tree. It will pop back well and I think will be ready to show (if all goes well) next January at the 12th BIB show. The tree is being presented here without any wire, it will be wired either this winter or next summer.


John Kirby:
The effects of photography. I would bet (and have been told so by some) that most of the folks who have seen this tree in person would say this is the best JBP I work on, well except maybe for the Shohin, but that might be debatable. Will have to show again after wiring, however this might be one of those trees that you have to see in person to appreciate (or get a better photographer to get a good picture....)


I don't remember seeing this one before.  I bet it's killer all wired up.  Got any more pics?

John Kirby:
It was in the 08 BIB show, it is shown on the BIB site in the Antique pot I am working to get reunited. It has really improved (foliage wise) in the past two years, get it wired and thinned a little more, it may be ready to show next year- if I get the pot.

Her eis the link: http://bonsaiboon.com/bib/bib2008/content/Image_0339_large.html



Love the tree and the antique pot. I hope you are successful.  It will be a great reunion. Do you know who the potter was? My son and I have been studying antique potters.



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