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Big JBP for BIB Show

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John Kirby:
Hi, thought I would post an after picture of the large JBP I am preparing for the BIB show in January. This tree was purchased by Boon in the early 90's in a 5 gallon container from a bonsai nursery in central California. He worked on it for a few years and it was shown in 2000 (it is on his website from the international photo contest) . He subsequently sold it and the tree was out of contact for a few years. It subsequently resurfaced a few years ago and he reacquired it. The tree had lost a lot of vigor and needed several years of careful management, repotting and nursing back to top shape. I started working on the tree in 06/07 and it has now progressed to the point of being ready to put n the show. When Daisaku Nomoto was at boon's in 2008 he wired the tree to it's current form. The tree will have branches repositioned (aka tweaked), the pot cleaned and oiled and moss applied to the soil surface before the show. I like this one because it is different than most you see.  Oh, it is about 22 inches tall or so, and is in a Yamaaki pot.


I really like this one.  The lower branch adds quite a bit of character to make it stand out and be remembered.

Don Blackmond:
I like it.  Definately not typical form, and that is what I like. 

I do not care for the pot as it relates to the tree.  This is probably because of the soft corners and positioning/the proximity of the roots to the right side of the pot.  I am normally not critical of pots, since I view them mainly as function (something to hold roots and soil but not water).  Just my opinion and only stating it since you say you will show the tree in that pot. 

John Kirby:
Hi Don, Pots are tricky. I purchased an "antique" Gyouza-San pot for this tree (A mold pot not a hand made, didn't really think I needed the extra "0" to think about). The problem is, it has the color I like (grayish) and a great shape, but it is about 1" too small (length and width), so it will need to stay in this one. I like the feel that this pot has with the tree, but I am always on the look out for a different look. Will see.


Don Blackmond:
Sure thing John.  Like I said, normally I don't think too much about the pot.  I just offered my 2 cents since you said you planned to show the tree in the pot.  Here in Michigan 2 cents won't buy you anything, so take my comment for what its worth.

Its a great tree, no doubt about it.  Its a great pot too.  I'm partial to Yamaaki pottery.  I love the finish.  Very fine quality.  They feel substantial in your hand.  I don't even need a tree in the pot.  Just the pot is fine.  That's pottery folks.  Not pot.


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