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"The Skeleton" Black Pine

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Owen Reich:
Perhaps someone else has a better name. 

This is a field grown black pine produced in Tennessee by a friend.  About 25 years old now.  The interesting root system was created in part by the tap root circling a container for the first years of its development. 

After examination for the roots for a many times, it appears to be a single root that split after about a foot from the "base". 

These are photos of the first styling in December of 2012; right when I got back from Japan. 

Owen Reich:
After the first styling. 

What do you think?  Ideas to improve it?  Things to accentuate?

Owen Reich:
In November of 2013, the tree had a new home.  Still happy and healthy.  In February of 2014, the future potting angle was evaluated (pic 1)

At the end of March 2014, the skeleton pine was repotted.  The ideal planting angle was not possible yet, as there was a football sized ball of clay inside the pot.  So, the tree was potted high and tilted a bit to give a few of the weaker branches more light while the roots develop.

A truly visceral tree.  (Sorry)

Owen Reich:
By the end of October 2014, the tree is still healthy after essentially being bare-rooted in Spring 2014.  

No decandling this year to continue to beef up the tree's vigor and avoid stress events that may lead to an increased risk of needle cast or root system stalling.


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