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"The Skeleton" Black Pine

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Owen Reich:

--- Quote from: John Kirby on August 31, 2015, 10:16 AM ---A little uniform for me at this point, but continued additions of Bark will make it a bunch better over time. Nice work.

--- End quote ---

I think it's pretty uniform for now as well.  Existing wire will come off over the next year and will go from there.

Once it's ready for the preferred planting angle, There will be larger spaces between pads to harmonize with the crazy exposed roots.  Some of the roots will likely be hollowed out or adapted when the other deadwood is refined.  

Oh, and the name will be "Face-hugger"

Really cool tree and name.

I definitely think it suits the tree. 

Definitely feel slightly disturbed looking at the root system but hey.  Great tree.

Owen Reich:

--- Quote from: LanceMac10 on August 31, 2015, 01:16 PM ---An amazingly unique piece of material!! After repotting a JBP for the first time this spring, I think I'll wait until next summer to candle prune. Is that your approach, to wait until the following summer after repotting. Could this tree have remained vigorous if cut back in the fall?

 Once again, very interesting tree and looking forward to seeing your classical training show in the desigh!!

 Good luck!! ;D

--- End quote ---

for me it really depends on the vigor of the tree after repotting and the stage of development it's in.  This is my opinion mind you, and others may have a different approach to black pine technique. Hopefully they will chime in.  With any black pine technique, there are many steps to maintenance; not just to do one technique then another that aren't in the same plan of action.

I decandle healthy black pines the same year as repotting if they are highly refined bonsai as well as very rough pre-bonsai when developing structural branches.  This would be more or less everything that warranted decandling.  Not every bud. 

There are lots of threads on this site that cover pine work, so I suggest reading everything you can and follow the lead of those that can provide photographic evidence that their process works well year to year.

This tree is very nice and very interesting. Never seen one quite like it.

Owen Reich:
Quick photo update.  This is from July 28th of 2015.  No decandling as tree was almost bare-rooted in 2015 to remove a large pocket of mud from growing field.

Foliage is discolored as client decided to sneak some Super Phosphate fertilizer in and dosed the crap out of everything for 5 months without telling me. 

The "Face Hugger" Pine will be styled in 2016 and most of the structural wiring will be gone.  Just secondary and tertiary branches I think.


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