Author Topic: Fall fertilization of bonsai  (Read 8286 times)

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Re: Fall fertilization of bonsai
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2011, 11:53 PM »
I've never used fertilizer cakes in America but I will start in the future; especially for refined trees I'm not developing basic structure.  Like John Kirby I do use Osmocote-like fertilizer prills (Harrels commercial blend) as they were free for me.  Late pruning is risky.  Nothing will change over winter so there really is no point.  Here in Japan, we do prune larger leaves off at the leaf base for deciduous trees on strong shoots in the outer silhouette just before the foliage starts to turn as it has been proven to decrease the vigor of these shoots for the following spring.  As the tree shuts down, the remaining leaves on interior and weaker shoots get a little more light and are able to recycle some energy from the leaves before they drop.  This technique is especially good for Prunus mume and Acer palmatum. It should be noted that on ume, the strong leaves are cut in half, not completely off.  As stated by someone else earlier, the tree takes what it needs and the rest leaches out.