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I have been a member since 2009. While my journey in bonsai has not been the most fruitfull, or rewarding, I am still pursuing my passion. I joined this forum, and rejoined it, as a way to learn from my mistakes. Hoping to gain insight from senior members or even professionals that knew what they were doing with this art form. I have killed hundreds of trees in my twenty year quest. Maybe even a thousand. With none to very littlw help from anyone. What help I did receive was from Chris Johnston. And I am greatful for that and still remember everything I learned from him. Anyway. For the past three years after being medically discharged from the Army I have rekindled this passion. Aquired a few trees. Some nursery stock. And some very nice collected material. I have also started to collect in my regional area  of northwestern Missouri native trees. Which I was told by some almost 15 years ago would be a waste of my time. So I stopped. Well. Look what Ryan Neil has done in the last few years.

I am just wondering why almost no one has commented on my posts. It would be nice to know others opinions. Or is it that I really know what I am doing now and most are intimidated. I truly doubt that is the case but I would really like to know.

Best regards,

First thank you for your dedication and years of service.  It is much appreciated.

Secondly, if near enough please join a local bonsai group.  There you will find kindred spirits and many willing to help you.  I am also a disabled vet (hope you belong to the DAV) and I never have to worry at our societies meetings because there is always several who are willing to help me.

This web site is marginally active.  There are two others much more active and though not much good help FaceBook is also out there == but the 99 cent bonsai auction and others are worth checking.

thanks again for your service and good luck. 

Thank you for your service as well Doug.

The closest bonsai society is an hour and a half from me. Kansas City bonsai society. I was a member many many years ago when I lived in KC. The drive is just to long for me to handle after my discharge three years ago. I really cant be in a car for more than 20 minutes or so now. And there doesnt seem to be anyone within closer distance to where I live that is dealing woth bonsai. Think I might be on my own for the long haul with only forums and youtube videos of some of the bonsai professionals.

Chris where are you located?  Have you joined the Bonsai Nut Forum and the internet Bonsai Club?  I'll help you find some folks that are closer so you can visit and talk bonsai with. 

Doug. I live in Northwestern Missouri. Cameron, MO. 1 hour north of Kansas City. I have not joined bonsainut as of yet. Might do that tonight. Thanks Doug.



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