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Which type of Redwood is best for bonsai.Anyone with experience with these trees have any info.The winters here in Nebraska can be brutal but I do have an unheated garage that never falls below 35 degrees even on the coldest days if this helps.Summer can get hot but I can keep the tree cool and always watered.What I don't know is what tree responds well to bonsai techniques so I'm hoping someone can help.

Don Dunn

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Re: Redwoods
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Coastal Redwood "Sequoia sempervirens" is what I think most people here in California grow for Bonsai. If you want the look of the large 2000 year old tree then a coastal is your tree. If you just want a forest or a tree that is deciduous then I think you would use Dawn Redwood.

Check out the link below.  copy and past into your browser.

Coastals grow where they may get some snow but not a lot and not where it stays on the ground for long. Along the coast they get fog in the mornings and this helps keep it moist, so misting your tree is good for a redwood. The soil they typically grow in is very sandy but my landscape Redwoods grow in mostly clay but it drains very fast being on a step hill. Coastal Redwood is the tallest tree in the world and can live for hundreds of years.

The other is Sequoiadendron giganteum, which goes by two different names. It is called both "Giant Sequoia" and "Sierra Redwood."This is the largest tree as it grows not as tall as the Coastal but has a trunk that gets much bigger. The Sequoia grows in the mountain at higher elevation than the Coastal so they get a lot of snow and much colder climate.  These may be a little harder to obtain. The Coastal is used for landscape so you can pick them up at Home Depot or any Garden Center in Califoria.
To get a tree with a thick trunk you would either have to grow a tree and that would be hard any where but on the west coast or purchase a collected tree or one that is already pre bonsai.
Trees that have been collected are very expensive.
If you are just in love with the shape and look of that type formal tree and If I was living in your area I would try another type of tree.