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I live in Illinois, zone 5, and i need to know what to do with my plants during the winter.
this is my first winter through this, so im not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. If all else fails, imma just take em out of the pots and plant them in the ground for the winter....

Rick Moquin:
If you don't have an unheated garage or cold frame, then plant them in the ground pot and all. It is not necessary to remove the pots. As a matter of fact you are better off leaving them in their pots.

I am looking for pictures of my cold frame and will try to post when I find them. 

Dave Murphy:
To give you the best advice, it would help to know what species of trees you need to over winter, as well as how big they are.  For 10 years, I over wintered most of my trees in an unattached garage(zone 6, MA)...I just mulched the pots and left them to freeze solid until spring.  The real big ones were dug in/mulched in my garden up against a fence.  Never lost one....The key is to keep them out of the winter wind and sun while they are dormant and/or the root ball is frozen.  Another place to winter trees is along your house foundation, with a northern or eastern exposure being best.  By the way, all my trees are hardy, temperate species.


Dave is right. Species is important in what's required for storage. What works for one species could kill another...We also need to know what options you might have--i.e. garage, sheds, deck, yard...????


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