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Wild Pride of India - Galpinia transvaalica

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So I went to visit my father over the last weekend and I took back 2 of his bonsai that I had cleaned up and re-potted for him as he has been really busy.

He told me that he had 2x Wild Pride of India plants in big pots that have not really been growing as planned because of where they were situated.  He asked me if I would like to see if I could bonsai them as it is a very rewarding species as a bonsai subject in South Africa.

So eager to see what I could do, I decided to load them in the car and bring them back home.  First problem I had was to cut one of them back to fit into the back of the small Toyota.  After a quick Google search I found that it does break back extremely well on hard wood so out came the shears and off went the ends.

Both were loaded into the back of the car and brought home.

I believe that both will have to be grown as clump style bonsai.  

Both will have a severe cut back in August and then I will leave them to rest and start shooting out new shoots before re-potting in beginning October.

The smaller of the 2 will have to be straightened up as it had been growing under a bush and all the growth was to the light so I may even re-pot that earlier.

Lets see how this progresses.

Very nice species to work with Dorian :)

I have a monster with killer trunk movement that i trunk chopped last year spring, it grew very well and will do some wiring in the next couple of weeks, will post before and after pics

attached pics are a day after the trunk chop

best regards

Wow Herman

Yes you are right,  those are monster trunks.

Keep us updated.

one tree bru ;)



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