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« on: February 25, 2012, 04:38 PM »
Good Afternoon All,

Well I have feverishly been repotting my trees on Sat mornings since Feb 1st. A bunch of club member converge at Cass Bonsai to spend the mornings working on our trees and we have been having a great bonsai time. This morning I brought several of my JBPs & JWPs. Look at the myrorrhizae I found, It was on them all. This pic happens to be a JWP. It's a very good thing! Since the beginning of the month I've now repotted 27 trees. Saving some to work on with my teacher 2nd weekend of March when I see him and Shim and I will be working on all our Satsuki when he is home from college on spring break in two weeks. How I love this time of year!



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Re: Microrrhizae
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a little DR.Scholls in your soil mix should take care of that problem real good next time! ;)